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Thats me David Devens on the day my son David 3 was born!!!  I grew up in the town of Groton, MA. and have been painting houses inside and out for 16 years now.  With the arrival of my little bundle of joy I decided to run my own painting company.

Attention to detail is the most important aspect of my work.  Whether it be perfect brush strokes, or a smooth even roller nap I always finish a job the same way everytime without skipping one little detail.  Anyone of my clients will tell you the same, I have an eye for detail and a steady hand with the brush. 

I'm happy to deliver such quality to those who are in need of a 'paint makeover'.  When you call me for a free estimate, not only am I thorough in the communication process but if you hire me I'm the one you'll see on site getting the job done!  
Thanks for 5 great years!!!